Release Notes 03/05/2024

New Feature:
  • Member Numbers - If you use a membership system with your customers you can now record this information in Workshop Software! The member number title can be customised and will show on all relevant reports.
  • Updated our billing service to automatically send out invoices for single use purchases like SMS/Text and Registration Lookups.
  • Fixed an issue where Inspection Comments were not printing on the Inspection report.
  • Updated the Print Labour Style invoice format to accommodate New Zealand mobile numbers.
  • Fixed an issue where some accounts were printing a previously entered email address as the business email on printed invoices.
  • Fixed an issue where special characters used in Job Card Item Notes could block the Print Jobs for Day process.
  • Changed the WPAY integration process to allow for changes made to the Merchant ID.
  • Updated the Westpac terminal integration to allow for more attempts when entering the manager password for a refund over $100.
  • Updated banner message for uploading an image or video that is above the size limit for better clarity.