Release Notes 07/12/2023

  • Updated the connection to Repco to allow for the auto download of supplier invoices to resume.
  • Enabled the Price Includes Tax setting for all countries.
  • Fixed an issue where products in a bundle were not displaying on an invoice if the customer was part of a price matrix.
  • Fixed an issue printing the Stock Status Report when set to received only. The data will now display correctly.
  • Some users reported intermittently not being able to create new products, this has now be resolved.
  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to assign a credit to a single invoice.
  • Updated the green split invoice banner to show immediately after splitting, there is no need to refresh the page to see the banner.
  • Fixed an issue where Customer Biller payments were not picking up the invoices for customers attached to that Customer Biller.
  • Fixed an issue stopping a bookings to be opened from the List View when looking at a single day in the Booking Diary.
  • Some users reported a "Continuing will cause a loss of all unsaved data" message would show when no changes had been made. This has been resolved.
  • Fixed an issue where the Mechanics list under Employees was not showing the full list.
  • Updated red bar message to be more useful when attempting to make payment for a customer that is in negative credit.
  • Exports will have a slight delay rather than running immediately. This has been done to increase system performance.
  • Cleaned up path references to increase performance.
  • Removed unused body types from the system.

Release Notes 02/12/2023

  • Fixed an issue that made bookings inaccessible from the weekly view of the Booking Diary.
  • Updated the sorting criteria for the Unit List so that the amount of records shown per screen is consistent.
  • Removed the HTML formatting for job card notes that were showing in the Job Centre after single clicking a job.
  • Updated the More/Add products window on invoices so that cycling through 5 products at time is now responsive.
  • Fixed an issue where copying supplier/vendor invoices was not always redirecting to the new supplier/vendor invoice.
  • Fixed an issue so that the labour line description is now showing in the day view of the Booking Diary when hovering on a booking.
  • Adjusted the Customer details name fields to resolve an issue where the focus was occasionally changed while typing in a longer name.
  • Resolved an issue when setting up a Westpac terminal to use Print From POS YES, the IP address was removed from the front end.

Release Notes 01/12/2023

  • We have updated our SMS integration and this comes with a few changes under the hood. Most importantly we have now re-enabled the Mobile Company Name. From today any SMS you send out from Workshop Software will show your business name. Please note that if you are in the US, SMS sent from Workshop Software will come from a pre-determined number in accordance with regulation.
  • Coming up to the end of the year it can be time consuming entering in unavailable times, to help with this we have implemented a tool to schedule unavailability over a date range. 
    To set unavailability, choose Settings >> Schedule >> Click "Star" action, and choose "Set Unavailable Times"
  • For New Zealand clients, the WOF Due Date for a vehicle has been added to the Customer Portal.

Release Notes 29/11/2023

  • Major front end infrastructure update. This upgrade comes with improvements under the hood and sets Workshop Software up to provide more enhancements in the future.
  • A new text editor has been implemented to improve responsiveness while typing up job card notes and messages. This update will also reduce formatting discrepancies between what is shown on screen and what is added to a printed invoice.

Release Notes 22/11/2023

  • We have built out the Activity Log on job cards and invoices to now show when the invoice type or customer has been changed. You can also see when a discount or deposit was added and by which user.
  • Some users reported unavailable times not showing in the schedule when more than 11 mechanics are rostered on and you flick between pages. This has been resolved.
  • The Inspection email template has been updated to accurately reflect status changes (red or yellow to green) in Workshop Software.
  • Statements will now automatically add the date period to the email subject line when sent out.
  • Improved customer syncing between Workshop Software and MYOB.
  • A display issue for the description of Bookings when using quotation marks has been resolved.
  • Some users have reported issues generating the Mechanic Performance report when the report type was set to "Invoice", this has now been resolved.
  • Added the ability to update the Current WOF Due Date when processing an invoice for clients in New Zealand.
  • Streamlined sending a payment request via Celero. United States/Canada only.
  • Updated UK prices for Postcode Lookup, DVLA Lookup and SMS to now use the "£" symbol.
  • We have made a change to the booking deletion process in VV Garage to reduce errors in updating the information.

Release Notes 16/11/2023

  • Some users reported that parts brought back from Burson EzyParts were returning with the cost excluding GST. This has been corrected.
  • We have made a change to the purchasing of Rego Lookups to stop accidental duplicate purchases.
  • A display issue with the new product popup message on Multi-Branch has been resolved.
  • The Rework feature has been updated to only display the relevant invoices for a customer.
  • Earlier in the year we implemented a change request that updated the auto create order feature to not consider products that are in the status of "On Order". This new update adds an additional Product setting that allows you to auto create orders in the previous way if desired.
  • When creating a new user login that has limited access, sometimes the new login would not be created correctly. This issue has been resolved.
  • Some users reported a display issue when using bundles for a customer that has a Price Matrix setup in use. This has been corrected.
  • Made further improvements to MYOB authorisation.
  • Some users reported Business Intelligence was slow to update, this has been improved.

Release Notes 09/11/2023

  • Repco integration improvement. We have been working with Repco to improve the integration. This update streamlines the way we open the Repco integration and improves the finding of vehicles.
  • Some users were unable to access Business Intelligence when creating a new user. This has been corrected.
  • Re-write of the way we get the MYOB AccessToken back when the token already exists and hasn’t expired. There was a confusing error reported, that actually did not cause an issue, however, we've now improved this process so that you will no longer see the error message.
  • Some users reported an issue with cycling through products on the More/Add Products window of an invoice. This has been fixed.
  • Improved security with MYOB. Updated the authorisation process for MYOB.

Release Notes 03/11/2023

  • Burson EzyParts 2.0 API endpoint update. We have been working with Burson EzyParts to improve the integration. This update has some internal improvements inline with Burson's roadmap. As a user you will not see any changes.

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