Welcome to the new Workshop Software Changelog

The team at Workshop Software are always looking to improve and give more value to you. Implementing this changelog serves several important purposes:

1. Transparency: We aim to provide more transparency to you about what changes have been made to the software. You can see what new features, improvements, and bug fixes have been implemented in each version.

2. Communication: This tool will improve communication between you and our team. This changelog will be used as a clear channel of communication detailing the changes made to the software over time.

3. User Experience: You can refer to the changelog to learn about new features or improvements. It helps people make the most of the software by understanding the changes and enhancements made in the latest version.

4. Community Engagement: Changelogs can foster community engagement by showing that the software is actively maintained and improved. We also encourage feedback on specific changes.

Alongside this changelog we have also implemented a feature suggestion board which you can access at the top left of this page. On this page you will be able to make suggestions for enhancements to Workshop Software as well as vote on ideas put forward by other Workshop Software users.