Release Notes 16/05/2024

New Feature:
  • Mobile App Update Release - currently Android only, iOS incoming.

    We’ve re-factored the whole app to ensure the latest and greatest use of technology is used in the mobile app.
    Last year we invested heavily in our infrastructure updates in relation to hardware and our web application, and now we’ve re-written the whole mobile app to the latest technology.
    This update will be the foundation stone for future enhancements and updates to the app and provides a platform for us to deliver even better and faster updates to you in the future.

    iPad and Android Tablet Support
    You’ve been asking for us to implement this, and now we have delivered. We are excited to announce that one of the main features of this new update is iPad and Android Tablet support. This will put even more power into the hands of technicians and business owners. Now, everything that you can do on the Mobile Phone App can now be done on an iPad or tablet. This will greatly increase productivity and give you even more efficiencies in your workshop.

    What you’ll get
    Some of the enhancements you will see with this new release:
    • Leading technology to ensure the best security.
    • Performance improvements.
    • Fixes an issue with some versions of android phones.
    • iPad and Android tablet support.
    • Upload multiple photos at a time. This is something that has been requested by our users.
    • A new foundation for future updates and improvements.
  • Fixed an issue where the Stock Value Report was not grouping correctly when printed.
  • Increased the amount of service advisors visible in the Checked On field for the Loan Car Diary.
  • Fixed an issue where file attachments sent out with incorrect file extensions could corrupt email text formatting.
  • Changed loan car bookings so they can still be accessed even if the attached job is deleted.
  • Updated the scheduled hours fields for employees so that you can type in the time or use the built in time picker.
  • Fixed an issue where removing a discount from a booking could cause the booking to not save.
  • Removed 'Registration Not Verified' tag for New Zealand accounts using Rego Lookup.
  • Fixed graphic issue where the Group field drop down would overlap product details when there was a long list of groups.
  • Fixed header for STRIPE integration.
  • Updated Item Sales Report to better fit the date.