Release Notes 02/12/2023

  • Fixed an issue that made bookings inaccessible from the weekly view of the Booking Diary.
  • Updated the sorting criteria for the Unit List so that the amount of records shown per screen is consistent.
  • Removed the HTML formatting for job card notes that were showing in the Job Centre after single clicking a job.
  • Updated the More/Add products window on invoices so that cycling through 5 products at time is now responsive.
  • Fixed an issue where copying supplier/vendor invoices was not always redirecting to the new supplier/vendor invoice.
  • Fixed an issue so that the labour line description is now showing in the day view of the Booking Diary when hovering on a booking.
  • Adjusted the Customer details name fields to resolve an issue where the focus was occasionally changed while typing in a longer name.
  • Resolved an issue when setting up a Westpac terminal to use Print From POS YES, the IP address was removed from the front end.